Introducing the Owner of Experience Joy Travel Company
Hello! I am Rebekah Esquibel (Please Call me Becky)

  • My superpower is this: my genuine love for serving people. I am here to help more people travel, and to do it well.
  • I currently reside in Southern Oregon. Let me know if you would like to meet me!
  • My passion is encouraging people to go beyond the "normal" vacation and do something that causes them to grow as a person while they explore and learn about the world through travel. 
  • Travel can be a force for good in the world. The more you learn about our wonderfully diverse planet, the more you will understand and come to love and protect its land and people.
  • Don't hesitate to send me a message and ask me any questions you have! I would love to meet you!

Indulge yourself with complete relaxation and VIP service.
The luxury of a personalized experience.

  • We serve those in the United States who desire stress-free vacations focusing on fantastic experiences and unique learning opportunities all around the world.
  • We assist clients in travel planning with expert insight in choosing a destination and cruise or tour company.
  • We make the travel planning process effortless for those we serve by being one step ahead on details and offering friendly advice.
  • Offering services for: Cruising (large, small, yacht, river and expedition), Guided Small Group Vacations, and Specially Curated Land Packages (add rail, cruise, tours, special dining experiences, and more).
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Mission Statement and Core Values
What We Are About

Our mission is to provide an easy and reliable travel-planning service to those who wish to explore the world. We alleviate the stress of planning travel by preventing wasted time and effort on our client’s behalf, while going above and beyond in securing their comfort. Our aim is the pursuit of joy through travel, experiencing destinations through culturally immersive excursions, always curious to learn and appreciate the authentic art, music, history, food, drink, land and traditions.

AUTHENTICITY: Honest. Open. Transparent. Real.

RESPONSIBLE SERVICE: Diligent. Dedicated. Organized. Dependable.

CONNECTION: Good Listener. Appreciative. Respectful. Empathetic.

CURIOSITY: Inquisitive. Learning. Growing. Insightful.

WELL-BEING: Comfortable. Peaceful. Safe. Joyful.

Updated July 11th, 2024 Becky Esquibel

"Luxury" doesn't have to mean "Expensive"
Incredible Travel Experiences, Curated for You.
  • We provide choices ranging from affordable to ultra-luxury with each and every destination.
  • Our service includes additional amenities at not extra cost.
  • Experience the luxury of time and peace of mind.
  • Experience the luxury of exclusive experiences.
  • Experience the luxury of personalized experiences.

"Life is about experiences, not things."

Your Own Personal Travel Concierge
Our Special Agents go above and beyond the basic travel itinerary.

  • We exceed your expectations.
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