Indulge yourself with complete relaxation and VIP service.
The luxury of a personalized experience.

  • We serve those who desire stress-free vacations focusing on fantastic experiences and unique learning opportunities.
  • We assist clients in travel planning with expert insight in choosing a destination and brand.
  • We make the travel planning process effortless for those we serve by being one step ahead on details and offering friendly advice.
  • Offering services for: Ocean Cruising (large, small, yacht, and expedition), River Cruises, Disney and Universal theme park vacation packages (Florida and California), Guided Small Group Vacations, and Specially Curated Land Packages (add rail, cruise, tours, special dining experiences, and more).
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Introducing the Owner of Experience Joy Travel Company!
Hello! I am Rebekah Esquibel (Please Call me Becky)

  • My superpower is this: my genuine love for people, which spills into everything I do-even helping them plan a vacation!
  • I am so pleased you are here! I currently am an avid world-traveler and nuclear medicine technologist calling gorgeous Southern Oregon my home. I have a wonderful family that often travels with me, and I have always loved putting together special itineraries.
  • My passion is encouraging people to go beyond the normal vacation and do something that causes them to grow as a person while they explore and learn about the world through travel. 
  • My service is an honest and genuine assistance to my clients. I am like a personal travel concierge.
  • When I talk to a busy person who has never used a travel advisor, they often ask: "Why shouldn't I just book it myself?" --Well we can agree on this statement: "It is easier to lean on someone else's expertise than to build your own." I could also add that it saves precious time, and that there are special perks you can only get through using a Virtuoso Travel Advisor. Easy decision!
  • Don't hesitate to send me a message and ask me any questions you have! I would love to meet you!

Mission Statement and Core Values
Who We Are

Here at Experience Joy Travel Company, we provide responsible service to those who wish to travel more easily. We provide practical knowledge and help to our clients to alleviate the stress of planning travel. We prevent wasted time and effort on our client’s behalf, while going above and beyond in preparing their plans. We do this with a genuinely caring heart, and transparent communication.


AUTHENTICITY: We strive to be genuine; living and communicating openly to build strong, trusting relationships.

RESPECT: We respect the nature and cultures of the world that we are interconnected with, and are committed to supporting the protection of Earth’s heritage.

EMPATHY: We understand that life holds various challenges for all of us, and are committed to provide help to our clients with genuine empathy.

SAFETY: We understand that what is most valuable to you is your travel companions, and we aim to protect you as you travel.

JOY: We strive to inspire joy in all we do, which creates a culture of optimism, hope, and love in our company.

"Luxury" doesn't have to mean "Expensive"
Our High Quality Service
  • We provide choices ranging from affordable to ultra-luxury with each and every destination.
  • You will receive special bonuses, perks and gifts from us, so our service is always a great value.
  • Experience the luxury of time.
  • Experience the luxury of an exclusive experience.
  • The luxury of a personalized experience can be yours when you choose our Special Virtuoso Agents.

Your Own Personal Travel Concierge
Our Special Agents go above and beyond the basic travel itinerary.

  • Life is about experiences, not things.
  • We do more than exceed your expectations.
  • Featuring special and unique experiences, personalized service, and exclusivity.
  • You can never beat the personal touch of a Virtuoso travel advisor.
  • Receive an itinerary as full as you would like--You can choose unique relaxation or adventure experiences. A richly detailed virtual itinerary is included in your service.